In Indonesia’s 1974 Marriage Law stipulates that marriage can be legally recognized if it is performed according to the religion of both parties. In Indonesia, religion is the main issue in marriage. Marriages between different religions is not allowed in Indonesia. Both spouses must have the same religion in order to get marry legally.

For couple that have made the decision to marry in Indonesia must declare a religion. Agnostic and Atheism are not recognized. The couple choose the type of religious ceremony that they intend to have. For Non-Moslems, the couple must hold a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian-Protestant or Christian-Catholic ceremony first. Marriage partners must have the same religion, otherwise one partner must make a written declaration of change of religion and then record the marriage with the Civil Registry Office. The couple will experience two types of ceremonies. The religious ceremony will be performed first, followed by a civil ceremony. The Civil Registry will in turn issue a Marriage Certificate, which is evidence that the couple are legally married. A Non-Moslem wedding which is not recorded with the Civil Registry is not considered legal. There will be two certificates presented at the end of ceremony, one from the church/temple, and one from the Civil Registry Office.

If the couple have decided the marry in a Moslem ceremony, they must register their marriage at the local Office of Religious Affairs (Kantor Urusan Agama/KUA). Persons wedded in a Moslem ceremony are issued a Marriage Book and it’s legal already in Indonesia. BUT, For Mixed-marriage couples married in Indonesia should pay attention that The Moslem Marriage Book is NOT accepted in several countries – for example, Netherlands. The immigration regulations in the Netherlands require a Certificate of Attestation from the Indonesian Civil Registry Office. This is the certificate that show that the marriage has been registered with the Indonesian Civil Registry Office in order to register at the Civil Registry Office in the Netherlands.


The couple should take the originals of all documents mentioned above to Bali, as the couple will be required to make a sworn statement of their intention to marry in Bali at their respective Embassy or General Consulate of their country origin ( either in Jakarta or Bali ). The couple need to apply the Certificate on No Impediment. The couple need to bring another four (4) pieces black and white photographs for administration purposes. An additional nominal administration charge shall apply depending on the rules and regulation of each respective country. This payment is not included in any of our packages. Please contact your Embassy or Consulate in Jakarta or Bali for further information, as you might need extra certain legal documents from your government. Philippines nationality or other nations people with no consulate in Bali should stay at least one (1) night in Jakarta for their sworn statement letter purposes.

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